Leasing Real Estate in Macedonia

December 12, 2007

The subprime mortgage crisis in the United States is spreading into Europe, notably the United Kingdom. Real estate values are deemed inflated throughout the continent. One exception may be Macedonia. Purchase prices here have stagnated in the last few years and rental rates have actually declined considerably. There is good reason to think this will change and soon: new financing vehicles are on offer and, as real incomes increase, there is a stark mismatch between geometrically-growing demand and arithmetically-increasing supply.

Moreover, impressive improvements in the business climate led to the entry into retail, manufacturing, and services of global giants as foreign direct investors. These need or build shopping malls, office space, and parking lots. Peter Roth, the General Manager of Soravia Macedonia, which bought the Business Center in Skopje last year, predicted, in a statement quoted in “Vecer”, a Macedonian daily: ” I expect the development of real estate, bigger competition, but also higher prices. I think that in the future investments will flow not only to Skopje, but also to Ohrid, Gevgelija and other cities, near the border with Greece.” “In the near future small shops in buildings will disappear, problems with parking spots would be overcome, and expensive rents would grow further,” – concluded the exuberant article.


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