Goa finds place on the real estate growth bandwagon

October 20, 2007

Goa is a province in India located on the Western coast of the country. With miles of sandy beaches coupled with a ‘joie de vivre’ culture, the former Portuguese colony is proving a warm favourite for both tourists and real estate investors .

Famously known as the city of beaches, Goa has its name on every tourist’s itinerary. Be it an Indian or a foreign tourist, everyone goes to Goa at least once a year and given a chance many of us would jump with joy at the thought of owning a spectacular beachside home in this yesteryear Portugal colony. No wonder then, Goa has found its place on the real estate growth bandwagon and has shown impressive results in terms of demand on the buying side.

Divided in two divisions, North Goa has its headquarters at Panjim and South of Goa is headquartered at Margao. Goa is well connected to other cities in terms of land, sea and air transport. Locally too the transport arrangement is well spread. Umpteen means of hired transport are easily available in Goa and ferryboats too are used on a daily basis to distribute the traffic if any.

In countrywide surveys, Goa has been rated as one of India’s best states to live in. The state has a lower population density, peaceful social and political climate , low crime-rate and good infrastructure.


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