How to be a great broker

July 27, 2007


Most of the agents love to make one big sale than doing more sales at marginal commission. That might be the reason why they’re not able to become successful in their career. A realistic agent knew that he has to sacrifice his commission and work towards achieving goal of buyer and seller than attaining his personal goal.                                                                                             

 1. Good Knowledge about markets                                                                                     

An agent should have thorough knowledge about his area of operation. He must know the prices, its cause and effect and almost all factors that could possibly influence the price of property.                                                                                           

 2. Realistic in approach                                                                                              

An agent must understand that he is only selling or buying property for a third party rather than for himself. He must try to set realistic approach in working on commissions, dealing on issues like prices, period and other factors that could influence transaction.                             

 3. Ethical

An agent must be ethical and he must transparent. He must try to understand that he is doing professional service than dealing with underworlds for doing transaction.


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